Unveiling The Mystery of 3 Heavens – Isaac Kappy – Truth EXPOSED

From Wikipedia which has a liberal censorship slant to it. Just like Google, Twitter and Facebook Wkipedia has shown to shut down and/or alter information that goes against the MSM narrative. A very disgusting 1984 Brave New World agenda we must FIGHT!

Kappy made his feature film debut as a hustler in the 2006 movie Beerfest. He would go on to act in the movies Not ForgottenFanboysTerminator SalvationSaint John of Las VegasKlown Kamp MassacreLemonade MouthThor, and 10 Years, and the television series Breaking BadThe Night Shift, and Rachel Dratch‘s Late Night Snack.[4]

As a musician, Kappy played in the band Charles McMansion with Tom Sandoval. The group released one recording, the upbeat pop song “T.I.P.” (an acronym for “Touch In Public”), and appeared on the reality show Vanderpump Rules.[5]

Kappy appeared as a guest on Alex Jones‘ radio show InfoWars, on which he accused multiple movie stars of pedophilia as part of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

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