Mike Jones Value Selections

Click Image To Visit SiteHere at The Betting Club, we independently source and select the very best sports tipsters so that you don’t have to.

Each of our tipsters selections have been proof tested for at least 3 months to verify that they are the real deal and not some fly by night fraud (there are plenty of those on the internet already!).

After the initial 2 months of the trial, we then stake our own cash for a 4 week period. This shows you what an average months profit looks like from our tipsters!

We do this so you can decide if this service is for you or not before you sign up for our RISK FREE 60 day trial.

After joining you will be asked to supply an email address, this is where the daily selection emails will be sent.

Wait for the email and then back the selections provided. We suggest to back all bets at 1pt level stakes. This way you build your betting bank over time.

No, you can place your bets with any bookmaker online or on the high street. Shop around to get the best price if you don’t mind using multiple bookies to place your bets.

Each evening the email will be with you before 11pm. If there are no selections that day, we will email you to state this as early as we can.

Mike Jones bets specifically on 3 single win bets a day from Monday to Friday (NO Weekend betting). That means you have a maximum of 15 bets per week.

No, of course not. If you expect that then please do not join! Even the best tipsters have losing runs. The difference between going it on your own or using my tips is if you use my tips you’ll actually make consistent… Read more…

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