Fall of Cabal Part 10

This is part 10 of the Fall of Cabal video documentary series that was banned on YouTube which has become like the MSM by now where they have literally dumped all the truth videos of hoaxes like Sandy Hook Aurora shooting and many others.

YouTube had videos showing the clear evidence of how each tragedy were done by actors and many cases show the actors former jobs in films, their faces and names. Then we see them in hoaxes such as Sandy Hook pretending to be a law enforcement person and then being seen with Obama. Very scary if you think people were actually murdered to do this psyop, where each time after a gun violence press blitz begins to brainwash people to disarm voluntarily.

But everything the fake news does to brainwash the masses backfires on them as the great awakening grows exponentially. The enemies of the people will hopefully go down the drain in the near future because they don’t deserve a morsel of respect anymore, from the CBC in Canada to the idiotic MSNBC CNN etc…

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