Smuggling With Jesus

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Smuggling With Jesus

By (author): Hank Cooper

A Man’s Journey To Hell And Back

Hank Cooper’s captivating story, based on true life events, will keep you on the edge and give you an inside view of the dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling and addiction.

This honest account of his years spent on the wrong side of the law will work as both a cautionary tale and an interesting read for everyone.

In his book, Cooper navigates through his motives, journey and lessons learned during his life.

Smuggling With Jesus explores the dangers and fast pace of drugs and the mentality of a smuggler in the era of mass surveillance.

From cocaine to heroin and from rags to riches, this memoir will change the way you view drug smuggling.

Join Hank Cooper on his journey through crime, addiction and, finally, redemption.

A fascinating read for everyone.

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